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Industrial Paint

We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of Industrial Paint in the market. Our Industrial Paints are manufactured using high quality raw materials giving endurable coating on the surface. These paints are remarkably smooth and easy to apply on different kinds of surfaces. The paints are resistant to heat, dampness and other external agents capable of harming the coated surface.

  • Epoxy Paint
  • Heat Resistant Paint
  • Polyurethane Paint
  • Anti Corrosive Paint

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We bring forth the best quality Epoxy Paint in the industry. Epoxy Paints are used for coating on machines which are used in the polluted areas. The Epoxy Paints made accessible by us are resistant to heat, chemicals and corrosion and available in different colors and shades as per the requirements. They are non-toxic in nature

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We offer an array of Heat Resistant Paints that is available in different colors and shades as per the demand of the valued clients. These Heat Resistant Paints are extensively used in different industries for coating machines and equipment such as exhaust systems of automotive sectors, chimneys, silencers of D. G. Sets and

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We present the best quality Polyurethane Paint in the marketplace. The Polyurethane Paints that we offer ensures smooth finish and good adhesion to the surface thereby protecting the surface from corrosion and abrasion. These paints provide pre-treatment and form a plastic like film on the surface. They are available in

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We present superior quality Anti Corrosive Paint in the market. Anti Corrosive Paints are based on epoxy and graft polymer plastic paints. These paints offer excellent resistance to the surface from corrosion as well as erosion. These paints have anti corrosive coating are having anti algae & anti moss effect as well.
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